• Save with Evergreen AutoWorks Coupons

    Sunday 30 August 2015

    Save with Evergreen AutoWorks Coupons As you drive around the city of Bothell, Washington, plenty of wear and tear is put on your vehicle with every mile you travel. Automobiles cannot persistently maintain all-out performance and in order to acquire the maximum life out of your vehicle, the automobile requires the finest auto repair shop in town. Not only does Evergreen AutoWorks take the care of its delightful customers, but makes sure customers leave with the great deals... read more

  • Automotive Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs

    Thursday 27 August 2015

    Automotive Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs s your car or truck running out of power or failing to start? Are you noticing your vehicle’s lights growing dimmer or not working? Maybe these electrical problems are persisting even with a new car battery. The truth is, the power system of your automobile is far more complex than just your battery. This indicates that an automotive electrical diagnostics or repairs are required. It could be a problem with your car or truc... read more

  • A Healthy Cooling System Prevents Breakdowns

    Tuesday 28 July 2015

    A Healthy Cooling System Prevents Breakdowns if you’re cruising across the beautiful green scenery of Washington, the last thing you want to see is the temperature reader of your car move towards the hot side. Evergreen Autoworks understands the worries of having a car with problems to its cooling system. Even if your coolant system isn’t in need of auto repair, preventative maintenance always means less breakdown of your car. The cooling system is responsible fo... read more

  • Automobile Wheel Alignment Maintenance

    Saturday 25 July 2015

    Automobile Wheel Alignment Maintenance As you are taking in the beautiful sights of Washington, maybe you realize a slight pull in your automobile. Maybe it is time to visit the experts at Evergreen AutoWorks for a wheel alignment. A wheel alignment is a preventative maintenance that has all sorts of benefits, however often goes overlooked by many automobile owners. Generally, it is time for a wheel alignment after... read more

  • Auto Spring Cleaning

    Thursday 30 April 2015

    Auto Spring Cleaning The seasons are changing and it’s time for Spring cleaning! Winter is coming to a close and the sun is shining. Spring is the perfect time to reset, reassess, and get ready for the longer and brighter days ahead. People often spend this time of the season cleaning out closets and dusting shelves, but what kind of Spring cleaning can be done for your automotive vehicles? First and foremost, it’s important to remember when you last had an oil cha... read more