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A Healthy Cooling System Prevents Breakdowns

A Healthy Cooling System Prevents Breakdowns

if you’re cruising across the beautiful green scenery of Washington, the last thing you want to see is the temperature reader of your car move towards the hot side. Evergreen Autoworks understands the worries of having a car with problems to its cooling system. Even if your coolant system isn’t in need of auto repair, preventative maintenance always means less breakdown of your car.

The cooling system is responsible for preventing your automobile from overheating. Think of it like a body, when your body temperature is high it is difficult to really do anything. The same stress is put on a car that overheats which can cause breakdowns all underneath the hood. Even without these symptoms, the experts at Evergreen AutoWorks know how to spot corrosion or wear and tear that could cause problems within your vehicle’s coolant system in the long-term.

Cooling leaks can be caused by cracked hoses, poorly fit hoses or deteriorating gaskets. Radiator metal is also thin and easy to damage, corrosion there could also be a culprit. Hence, you can count on Mill Creek’s go to auto shop to thoroughly check your hoses, water pumps and radiators for cracks or leaks. We look for these signs of wear to keep the coolant system from causing any major auto repairs.

Moreover, making sure your vehicle’s cooling system is healthy. That means inspecting for any blockage. Blockages of broken-down coolant, deposits of hose rubber and metal flakes occur when there is poor or no preventative maintenance done to the coolant system. To stay healthy, a vehicle’s cooling system needs to be flushed out at manufacturer’s specified intervals. This is just another way Evergreen AutoWorks looks to protect your automobile’s condition.

Issues with cooling systems can be a headache for auto repair, but they can also be prevented with periodic maintenance. Ensuring there is no blockage or problems within your coolant system means your car will not only perform at optimum temperature, but you will get the full performance from your automobile. Evergreen Autoworks has been keeping the Bothell, Washington area’s coolant systems healthy for years, and they are ready to keep yours at optimum condition.

Call us today to help keep your cooling system healthy and prevent any additional breakdown or unnecessary auto repair. To learn how Evergreen Autoworks experts can improve your auto or truck cooling system, please visit


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