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Automobile Wheel Alignment Maintenance

Automobile Wheel Alignment Maintenance

As you are taking in the beautiful sights of Washington, maybe you realize a slight pull in your automobile. Maybe it is time to visit the experts at Evergreen AutoWorks for a wheel alignment.

A wheel alignment is a preventative maintenance that has all sorts of benefits, however often goes overlooked by many automobile owners. Generally, it is time for a wheel alignment after every 10,000 miles or ever 2-3 oil changes. Wheel alignments mean making sure all the angles of the wheels are set to manufacture specifications to ensure proper vehicle mobility. If you frequently drive on a lot of uneven roads with potholes, rough elevated mountain terrain or unpaved roads, then you might need an alignment soon than you think.


As with most automotive maintenance, Evergreen Autoworks focuses on both yours and your vehicle’s safety. Properly aligned wheels handling those sometimes slick Washington roads much better. Rather it is rain or snow, it is always important to have great wheel traction to prevent unwanted swerving or hitting Washington wildlife.

Alignments also ensure your vehicle’s braking and handling are in top shape for those rare and extreme cases that you don’t see coming.


At Evergreen AutoWorks, we understand our customers value their money. Therefore, a wheel alignment can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run of your automobile.

The average wheel can cost $100 each, however that increases with the size and novelty of the wheel. If you skip the wheel alignment you are putting more wear on your wheels, which means they will need to be replaced sooner and cost you more money.

Also, proper wheel alignment makes sure that your car is getting the maximum fuel economy. Now a days, there is so much focus on miles per gallon in automobiles that every little advantage keeps dollars in your pocket. Moreover, the tie-rod ends, ball joints and upper control arms either wear out or fall out of adjustment which can also cost you more money in repairs.

Alignment Experts

If your car is pulling to the left or right then you should definitely get it checked out. Alternatively, an automobile that hits a pothole or bump can be knocked out of alignment.

Visit to ensure that this preventive maintenance is properly done. We have been servicing Mill Creek and Bothell area since 1968. When you step into our auto repair shop you can be assured that you are getting quality service and not just cheap auto repair. We won’t try to sell you wheel alignment services that your manufacture does not require, nor will we cut corners. Our goal is to provide the Washington area with the safest auto repair for its members and their families.


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