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Automotive Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs

Automotive Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs

s your car or truck running out of power or failing to start? Are you noticing your vehicle’s lights growing dimmer or not working? Maybe these electrical problems are persisting even with a new car battery.

The truth is, the power system of your automobile is far more complex than just your battery. This indicates that an automotive electrical diagnostics or repairs are required. It could be a problem with your car or truck’s alternator, starter, cables, connections, computers, sensors or lights. It could just be a bothersome check engine light that signals a need for electrical maintenance.

Your precious car does not need to experience these extreme symptoms for you to diagnose your car and visit the automobile experts at Evergreen AutoWorks.

Any sort of variation in an autos voltage can trigger the check engine light, as your vehicle’s computer is very sensitive. Even if the problem allows you to still drive, you could be further damaging any of the electrical parts that require power in your car. That often leads to costly electrical diagnostics and repairs to your cars alternator, transmission or sensors.

No need to worry, the auto and truck specialist at Evergreen AutoWorks can diagnose the exact problem and help minimize costs. We have been servicing the Boethell area for decades, so we understand how important your automobile is in getting you to your destinations across the beautiful state of Washington and its rough terrain.

Typically, we recommend servicing your vehicle’s electrical system every two years or when you have severe problems. With so many electrical parts and connections in your vehicle, it is important to make sure you have an honest auto repair shop you can trust and that will fix the problem the first time. Added, routine maintenance or inspection means all of the cars parts are getting the manufacturer’s required amount of power. In addition, to not breaking down on you at an inconvenient time your car will also be running at the optimum level.

At Evergreen AutoWorks, we know you are on a budget so you can always expect the best value and customer service. Whether it is a simple electrical connection malfunction or a serious problem with an alternator, you can trust us to provide you with the best car repair and diagnostics on your car’s electrical system at a fair price.

Evergreen AutoWorks has established itself as an auto body shop you can trust with all of your auto electric repair and diagnostic needs. Therefore, we will always give you the best price and award winning service for small or big problems. If you are in the Boethell area, stop by Evergreen AutoWorks to make sure your car and its’ electrical system are running their best. We know you will leave satisfied and discover the Evergreen AutoWorks difference.


August 2015
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