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Road Rules for Your Best Road Trip

Road Rules for Your Best Road Trip

When you’ve planned a road trip, you can’t wait to get going. The places you’ll go, the sights you’ll see, the memories you’ll make; road trips are a true American pastime. But when you take your car too far beyond its daily driving routine, breakdowns are likely, if not inevitable.Evergreen AutoWorks wants you to keep driving by giving you the best maintenance checklist for even the longest road trips. Evergreen knows that prevention is the most cost effective solution and they stand by it; see for yourself!

  • Tires – The first thing to fail on most road trips are your tires. At the very least, check your tire pressure and tread. All this takes is time and could save you a big headache. Next, if necessary, rotate or balance your tires. It’s never a bad idea to bring a spare tire if there’s room!
  • Cooling system – The next most likely system to fail can really stop you in your tracks. Have Evergreen AutoWorks check for leaks in the hoses, weakened radiator cap or water pump. Make sure to exchange or flush the coolant fluid. Preventative care of the cooling system is quick and cheap.
  • Transmission – Transmission problems aren’t the most common problem to pop up on your road voyage but if it happens, you’ll be sidelined for quite a while, not to mention that your vacation budget could easily disappear in the black-hole of car repair costs! Get it checked to save you the pain.
  • Air Conditioner – There’s nothing worse than baking in a hot car. Don’t put yourself through the misery and have Evergreen AutoWorks give it a once- over before you hit the road.

Spring is upon us and Summer is coming! These are the best times of year to see the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in full glory. Make sure the sights you’re taking in are of the sweeping landscapes and not the inside of an auto repair shop! Evergreen will get your vessel in ship-shape for your most memorable trip yet. Contact them to make sure that when you hit the road, you stay there!


March 2015
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