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The Quality of Parts Matters!

The Quality of Parts Matters

The Quality of Parts Matters

Check out a video done at our shop of a Truck Bed Replacement…

One of the best ways we care for our customers is by using high quality parts that equal or exceed the manufacturer’s original parts. In many cases, we use the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) parts too.

Today there are a lot of manufacturers of after-market parts for repairs. And some of them are just targeting a low-priced point. The problem with this is these cheap parts or very often too inferior for us to use. We just can’t do it to our customers because as much as we like seeing you come back, we hate seeing you come back because a part failure.

We look at it this way — if the manufacturer installs parts that last 100,000 miles or more, then we should be putting in parts that do the same.

Benefits to using high quality parts in your repairs:

  • Your car is safer. Did you know that an inferior brake component can make your car stop a full 20 feet later? Think about that the next time you find yourself in an emergency stop. Even one foot sooner can mean the difference between a pounding heart and a big collision repair with all of its inconvenience.
  • The repair is done right the first time! We see too many cars that come in from other shops because it’s the third water pump or other part that was replaced. The problem was only due to using inferior products. We use the best quality parts to save you that hassle.
  • Longer warranty on repairs. For example, here at Evergreen AutoWorks, we provide you with a warranty that is three times longer than most shops– 3 years, 36,000 miles. That’s because we’re confident. Period.
  • You have greater peace of mind. Having a reliable car is a great provider of peace of mind. Not convinced? Think about driving around in a car that you’re not sure you can depend on. Think about the breakdown right when you need the car the most. High quality parts = better reliability = peace of mind for you.
  • Better performance overall. When you have the best quality parts use for your repairs, the car is performing up to the standards of the manufacturer or better in some cases.


July 2014
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