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Winter’s Icy Cold Wrath Has Come To An End

Winter’s Icy Cold Wrath Has Come To An End

he snowy blankets that lay over the grass and streets outside of your home are quickly melting, and you know what that means. You no longer have to worry about the slick, ice covered roads, hail denting your car, snow storms, or if the cold will affect the way your car performs while you drive from one destination to the next. With the icy cold grip of winter at bay, you are free to drive around without a worry in the world. Unfortunately, freezing cold temperatures during this weather can take quite the toll on your car, especially if it has been left outside and idle for an extended period of time.

If you plan on taking your car for a long distance trip to celebrate this Spring weather, be sure to get it checked out by Evergreen AutoWorks to help prevent the possibility that your car will break down on the road.

What Can The Cold Do To My Car?

As most people know, there are a number of problems that could arise due to the icy cold weather. For those who don’t know what this weather can do, here are a few reasons why you should get your car checked before setting off on your adventure.

1 Dead Battery

One of the last things you’ll want to happen while you’re driving is having your battery die on you. Keeping your car inside your garage will prevent or lengthen the time it takes your battery to wear down. When your car is exposed to freezing cold temperatures, it results in the voltage being pulled from the car battery. This will make it harder to start and wear down the battery faster than you want it to, costing you money in order to get a new one.

2 Thickened Car Fluids

When you start your car on cold mornings, it is important to let it warm up first, before you start driving. Why? It is common knowledge that liquids thicken or freeze in cold weather and the same applies to the fluids that you put in your car. Letting your car heat up first helps let these liquids flow through your engine more easily, making it a much smoother drive. Driving your car immediately upon starting it can cause wear and tear on your engine. Over time, this added stress to your car could result in costly repairs.

Without overall proper care and maintenance, you can worsen these problems even more without knowing!

These are just a few things that cold weather can affect when it comes to your car’s performance. Before taking your car far from home, bring it in to Evergreen’s auto body shop for a full inspection to identify any problems that may cause your vehicle to operate in any way but perfectly. For questions regarding the services that can be performed on your vehicle, contact Evergreen Autoworks today!


February 2015
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