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Convenient Auto Repair Services

After Hours Pick-Up & Drop-Off

This feature can’t be over-emphasized! So many of our loyal customers utilize this, we felt it needed to be mentioned. We’re all about convenient vehicle pick-up and drop-off so we offer convenient after hours pick-up of your completed vehicle and after hours drop-off of a vehicle you wish to have serviced! Talk about making it easy!

Preventative Maintenance Is Key

By far the most inconvenient thing for you is your car breaking down. When you visit our shop, we will always emphasize prevention over repairs. Here’s a few logical reasons why you should put more attention into preventative maintenance rather than just waiting for something to break!

  • Lower cost of ownership – A vehicle is much less costly to maintain than it is to repair, there is no debating this.
  • Longer Life – This means you’ll be more likely to trade in your current vehicle when you’re ready, instead of when your vehicle quits working.
  • Holds Value Longer – Having your service records will enable you to sell your vehicle for a higher price or trade it in at a higher value.

Give your ride the tender loving care it deserves today, bring it down to the friendly experts at Evergreen AutoWorks!