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Transmission Maintenance

Did you know?: Repairing, Rebuilding & Replacing your transmission is often more expensive than replacing your engine?

Watch this video to learn how important transmission service is for your car.

Keep Your Transmission Running Smooth!

Keep Your Transmission Running Smooth

We all know the vital importance of changing your oil on a regular basis (every 3 months or 3,000 miles for most vehicles), which keeps our vehicles running more smoothly by better lubricating the internal moving parts

Transmission Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Investigate Transmission Problems As Soon As Possible

The majority of transmission problems we encounter start out extremely small, minor and extremely easy to fix. The problem is that most vehicle owners ignore the signs of transmission problems that lead to catastrophic failure and costly transmission repair bills down the road. The small problem gets worse over time, generating friction and heat that causes the transmission fluid to break down, losing is lubricating properties. As this is happening, small bits of metal shavings join the transmission fluid because of the high heat. This dirty, metal-laden fluid quickly creates more problems for your transmission eventually leading to failure.

Service Your Cooling System Regularly

Most people don’t realize that your vehicle’s cooling system not only cools your engine, but your transmission as well! That means it is twice as important to properly service your cooling system at regular, factory recommended intervals. By ignoring to do this you’re not only putting your engine at risk but the life of your transmission as well.

Get Your Engine Tuned Up

Today’s engines and transmission work together in delicate, harmonius balance, and are vitally linked now more than they have ever been in the past. That means a poorly performing engine can have a drastic effect on the transmission’s performance. Just another reason to keep your engine and transmission in excellent working order.

Service Your Transmission Every 24,000 Miles

Another great piece of advice that should not be ignored. Transmission Servicing entails completely draining your transmission of its old, broken down fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid, thereby disposing of all that suspended particulate matter.

No matter the sign: rough shifting, transmission fluid on the garage floor or a check engine light. Bring your vehicle in to
Evergreen AutoWorks at the first sign of trouble, you’ll save yourself in the long run!

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