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Automotive Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs

Automotive Electrical Diagnostics

Your vehicles electrical system is like your own nervous system, it carries electrical signals throughout your vehicle including your brake lights, head lights, engine, transmission and any other device in your vehicle that is electrically powered. Stabilizing your voltage and ensuring your connections are good can alleviate many computerized problems due to onboard computers being very sensitive to even minor voltage variations.

Auto Electrical System Components

  • Battery
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Cables & Connections
  • Computer
  • Sensors
  • Lights

Check Your “Check Engine Light”

All regularly operated vehicles should have their electrical system diagnosed and if necessary, serviced, at least every two years or whenever you experience a problem. A large number of driveability problems that may appear to be mechanically related are in fact caused by faulty electrical wires, connections or low battery voltage. If you’re experiencing any electrical oddities, come on in for an automotive electrical diagnostics test or repair today!