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Engine Repairs & Replacements

Engine Repairs & Replacements

Evergreen Autoworks Technician Working In Engine Compartment If there is a heart in a vehicle, the engine is most definitely it. Your engine is a complex system and is by far the hardest working part of your vehicle, regularly operating at very warm temperatures and high speeds. Any engine that operates regularly also needs to be maintained regularly. This can help to prevent a catastrophic failure in the future and the associated costly repairs.

Engine Repairs

Here at Evergreen AutoWorks, we use the latest in vehicle diagnostic equipment to help us locate with confidence any issue that you may be experiencing in your vehicles’ engine,. Tools like our advanced OBD Vehicle Computer Interface allow us to quickly track and pinpoint your engines problem, getting you back on the road faster!

Engine Replacements

In some unfortunate situations, the damage from an engine failure is too great and the cost to repair can rapidly jump well above the cost of a replacement engine. When this is the case, your options can range from engine rebuilding, engine replacement and sometimes even vehicle replacement. It is times like these that you can count on our team of expert technicians and service advisors to offer you all of their best advice.

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