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Jeff Odom, Owner of Evergreen AutoWorks

Jeff Odom, Owner of Evergreen AutoWorks

Evergreen AutoWorks - Saving the world one car at a time by showing our customers the value of a 200,000-plus mile car life.

Our society requires that we use cars every day. They are necessary and enjoyable to own and operate. It’s our responsibility to make them last as long as possible to maximize the materials and energy that was used to create them.

By properly maintaining and caring for a car we can not only save money for ourselves, but when we sell that car to someone else they can continue to utilize the car, extending its useful life. We should do everything possible to refrain from driving a car into the ground and creating a salvage situation.

The steps to maintaining a car are not complicated and most everything you need is listed in your owner’s manual. We can also show you how simple it is through our maintenance recommendations; ask one of our advisors for information.


Q: Are you aware of the resources that are required to build a car?
A: plastic, Aluminum, high strength steel, magnesium, boron, fabric, leather, rubber, vinyl, wood, card board.

Q: Do you know how many new cars we produce annually in the US?
A: 17 million

Q: How large is the carbon footprint to create one car? A: All the parts and pieces to build a car must be manufactured. They are made from places around the world then delivered by truck, train or plane to the factory. The car is assembled from these parts and then must be shipped to the dealer. That’s a lot of carbon used just to bring the car parts together and deliver it to a showroom near you.

Q: Do you know the average age of a car or truck is in the US?
A: 11 years. A properly maintained car or truck can easily last 15 plus years and well over 200,000 miles. 

Q: Do you know how much money you can save by properly maintaining your car and making it last for 15 plus years?
A: An article updated November 6, 2018 in Consumer Reports online titled “Make Your Car Last 200,000 Miles” explains “How to go the distance and save tens of thousands of dollars”. It asserts that keeping a car for 200,000 miles could mean savings of $30,000 or more. Click here to read more.

Q: What happens to a car when it’s life is over?
A: The car is crushed and shipped to a foreign country. More carbon.

Q: Do know how great it feels to not have a car payment?
A: Awesome! Buying a new car is fun until the first payment is made. That’s when reality sets in and you realize you have 5 to 7 more years of this! Yuck!

Q: Does car maintenance and repair cost a lot of money?
A: It can if you have purchased a poorly manufactured car. Make sure when you buy a car you buy a quality and reliable car. Not one that looks cute. Toyota, Honda, and others have proven quality track records. Look at they’re ratings before you buy.