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We ask every customer to fill out a customer satisfaction survey card. We routinely receive over 100 cards a month. Here is a sample of those cards and what people have to say about our business. Clicking on the image will enlarge the image.

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Wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am moving to California and time was running out for me to get my car issues resolved before I left town. I called E.A. because it was in my vicinity and advertised that they worked on Suburus. They were very booked for the week but suggested I drop my car off so as soon as a cancellation occured they could get to work on it right away (this was in addition to an appointment that I made for Wednesday). As it turned out they were able to get to my car before Wednesday and so I was able to pick it up days before I would have had to otherwise.I received a AAA discount and Phil even volunteered some great tips on finding a new mechanic when I arrive in California. The waiting area is very welcoming with vintage toys, etc. to view. That was pretty cool. If I weren't moving I'd stick with this mechanic shop.


I made an appointment and got there a few minutes early. As I was walking to the front desk I made eye contact with an employee who didn't seem to be helping anyone but he didn't say a word to me so I figured they were busy. So I sit down, waited for them to slow down. When I saw the front desk cleared from the previous customer, I got up and made my way. Two employees stared at me with a blank face and complete silence, so I look at both of them and ask, "Anyone?" One of them proceed to help me but it was a strange way to greet me. Maybe it was the way I was dressed. I was off from work that day and was wearing a fitted hoodie and hat. I then get helped by Nicole a few seconds after the first guy. I explained to her that I was rear ended and wanted a 2nd quote to see if there was internal damage inside the bumper. The 1st insurance adjuster gave me a quote of $595 and didn't look under neath my car or inside the bumper, so because of this their insurance deemed it "low impact" and they wanted to offer me a settlement of $200 each for me, my wife and daughter. Because we were unsure of the settlement offer, we talked to an attorney and he said to get a 2nd opinion as well. We're still seeing a chiropractor and I am still in pain. I explain just about all of this to her. No sympathy, or even a simple greeting. She said they couldn't just remove the bumper to see if there was more damage then adjust the initial quote to make it higher, even though I was willing to pay for the labor. They would have to fix it if they were going to remove it. I was very calmly confused why they couldn't do that, so she clarifies what I'm asking then ends it with, "so you can get more money." I began to accept they couldn't do it, but to say that was offensive, I wasn't sure how to handle it so I brush it off. She offers to give me a free quote on the spot so I consult with my attorney and he says just to do it. She agrees with the first quote and then we talk some more, then GET THIS.... she explains that they can't make the quote higher without fixing it on the spot "just so you can get more money." AGAIN, like I'm some bum just trying to get more money from an insurance company. I was furious but I didn't blow up at her at all like I wish I did, but it was clear to me she made the some bad assumptions. Had she known that my wife was 22 weeks pregnant during the accident and we had to go to the ER that night, and almost had a miscarriage the next few days over contractions and fluid leaks (which she is still getting), and that for a few days I couldn't drive to work because of my neck pain, missing out on 4 days pay, which is a big deal considering we're a one income (80k) household, and have to constantly tell my daughter that I can't play with her because my neck hurts, followed by 18 appointments and counting (who knows how much we've spent on gas) then all I'm being offered is $200.... then maybe she would've been more sympathetic. Terrible offensive judgement on her side. Because of the poor customer service from the beginning, then the offensive statements and assumptions of Nicole, I would never recommend this place.

I'm sorry if we didn't give you the service you expected. It's obvious this is a frustrating situation that your dealing with and we could have been more empathetic. I will share your experience with my staff and will use your review to better our customer service for our future customers that may share your frustration when having to deal with such a situation. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

- Evergreen AutoWorks

I cannot say enough great things about the staff at Evergreen Auto. It would be an understatement to say we received nothing short of EXCELLENT customer service. They truly go the extra mile to give you the best pricing (in advance) and service for your car and I believe they really have your best interest in mind. With every visit they are always so helpful in letting us know what the immediate needs are and what repairs we can expect and prepare for down the road. they are by far the BEST!! Would not take our cars any where else.


I was relieved and excited that I was able to get an appointment the same day I had an unfortunate encounter with a beam in my garage. Mike is amazing and went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of.The lobby is comfortable and has free drinks and snacks. Parking looks like it can get a little difficult when it's busy but I haven't had a problem finding a spot.The Yelp deals are great- dont forget to check in! I will definitely be back if I ever need work again in the future (hopefully not, haha).


My wife feels at ease with these guys and they treat her with respect and honesty. They have a historical military theme which I enjoyed so much I added to their collection. We have been repeat customers for over 7 years and don't go anywhere else but here for our car issues, this is the best place to go for the best service and friendly atmosphere. They always let us know what the total cost of the job will be up front and they go the extra mile. I received several rides to work from them as they worked on my truck.

We appreciate the kind words. I remember how we had to earn your wife's trust when she first started to come here. When she would bring Earl and the kids, they would wait in the office together. I do miss Earl. Thankfully he left us his picture for our collection so we'll never forget him.

- Evergreen AutoWorks

First time at Evergreen Autoworks was for fender bender repair. Julie was professional, patient and outstanding at customer service. Based on the experience we had with her, we decided to try the shop out for car repairs when the time came. The shops estimate was not only competitive, but after having the work completed they actually came in UNDER the written estimate! Wow, plus the service was once again outstanding. Have had more work done since then and they continue to amaze with on time completion of work and follow up customer service that can't be beat...We would not hesitate to recommend this shop for car accident repairs, major car mechanical repairs as well as regular maintenance for your families cars.


Auto shops aren't generally places you want to hang out at, but Evergreen serves free popcorn and lattes, so I don't mind making a stop every now and again when my car is in need of some attention!Gluttony aside, this auto shop has made quite the impression. My first stop here was awhile back for a quick tire pressure check since I knew one tire was low, thanks to my trusty annoying red exclamation point light. Phil was on it right away - and with the kindest of personalities, too! Air was put in, and off I went with only the promise to come back when service was needed for my car.This week, I finally needed to have my BMW serviced for an oil change. Fortunately for me, Phil was there to take my car in once again for a same-day appointment. One hour later, I was on my way out of their shop with a revitalized car!What is remarkable about this shop is their integrity. They are NOT the cheapest, but I'd rather pay an extra 10 - 20 bucks to have work done by trustworthy folks who aren't looking to rip you off or find bogus flaws in the car to reap more money out of their customers.


UPDATE: Evergreen still missed the things I described in the review below, but I have to give them a lot of respect. They contacted me after seeing this review and refunded me for the cost of the trip check. I still lost time and money to their mistake, but they did the right thing as a business, which impressed me. ---- I had Evergreen Autoworks do a trip check on my car before I drove to Arizona. I dropped it off Thursday in the morning and was told they would get back to me Friday morning to advise any work that needed to be done. I had to call them twice Friday afternoon to find out what the progress was. Turns out, in a day and half they had not even finished the trip check. They finished up with an hour to spare and didn't report any major concerns. Well, fast forward a few days later, and I have seen three mechanics along the highway, all with small to major issues with my car. The "thorough" trip check they promised me was garbage, because they missed stuff that any complete check should have seen. I'm still stuck along I-5 waiting on the mechanic to find out if I'm going to have spend hundreds if not over a thousand dollars more in repairs. For the price Evergreen charged me for their trip check, they should have seen some of this stuff. I can't fault their courteousness, or the courtesy car they lent me for the two days. But when it came to actually checking my car so that I could have an uneventful road trip, they utterly failed.


The best customer service. They provide top performance on your vehicle. I very strongly recommend this company. Mike Auslund tops it for customer service!


UPDATE: Upon reviewing my Yelp review the shop re-examined my bill and discovered a billing error on the labor side. They refunded a fair amount of the difference - several hundred dollars. That was an unexpected and welcomed courtesy so I've upgraded them by a star. Thank you, Evergreen.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original/Previous Comment:I selected this shop due to positive Yelp reviews that are spread over a period of time plus their close proximity to my house. I found them to be courteous, friendly, and professional. Their front office is clean, well staffed, and equipped with decent computer technology. They diagnosed my overheating problem the day I dropped my car off and the repairs were made within about a day. They guarantee parts and labor for 3 years / 36,000 miles. I found their markup on parts and labor excessive and more than double what the dealer would have charged me. The convenient location and quality of service is not high enough for me to feel good about paying so much more than a dealer would charge.