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We ask every customer to fill out a customer satisfaction survey card. We routinely receive over 100 cards a month. Here is a sample of those cards and what people have to say about our business. Clicking on the image will enlarge the image.

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11/12/2015 - An update to my original 1 star review. My original opinion of them has changed after speaking to Jeff (the owner). So, it is considerably more expensive compared to most places I've had experience with. But what you're paying for is great customer service. There is always someone to answer the phones, and everyone I've interacted with has been very professional. Jeff is obviously someone who is knowledgeable about cars and on how to run a business. That combination isn't always there. I really appreciate that Jeff took the time to call me, because I had wanted to speak with someone regarding what I felt were excessive charges. He could have blown me off, but he obviously values his customers. He explained their own process to ensure accuracy and quality. He also pointed out that they guarantee their parts and labor for 3 years. He also agreed to gave me a partial refund of what I believed wasn't fair. So my advice: - If you have an understanding of what's going on with your car, be sure to communicate that clearly. Be clear about what you want done. - If you're clueless when it comes to cars and how they functions, this is a good place to take it. They are thorough and their workmanship is great. My car does run noticeably better and I checked under my hood, so I know they did do the work they said they did. They warrant their work for 3 years or 36k miles. Just be aware they do charge more than a lot of places (even my dealership), but from what I can tell they are very trustworthy. 11/5/2015 - I would have gone elsewhere had it not been urgent. They prices are really high. I was charged About $500 for the diagnosis of a misfire (which I already had read at an auto part store) and for them to replace one ignition coil. I know enough to know what it takes to come to that diagnosis and to do the work. I could have done this myself, but chose to bring it in because of convenience. I'm just extremely unhappy with the way they do pricing. I got a quote from a dealership and even they would have been cheaper (approximately $600 for diagnosis and replacement of all 4 coils).


We are relocating to this beautiful state from Texas in the Bothell area. Happened upon this great place while renting a van to run an errand. Fantastic service provided by Brett in customer service and mechanic, Joshua. I left my car for a simple oil change, and Brett went over and beyond. The brake light had been coming on for some time, and I thought it was an issue with the wiring. They discovered that the brake fluid was low, so Brett said that he had them top it off, which I thought was very nice. I left the shop, and received a call a few minutes later to say that they hadn't done it, after all, but if I was in the area, to please come back. I did, and they filled up the break fluid. Brett, nor Joshua needed to do that since I had already paid and left, but their actions showed great commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.


Wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am moving to California and time was running out for me to get my car issues resolved before I left town. I called E.A. because it was in my vicinity and advertised that they worked on Suburus. They were very booked for the week but suggested I drop my car off so as soon as a cancellation occured they could get to work on it right away (this was in addition to an appointment that I made for Wednesday). As it turned out they were able to get to my car before Wednesday and so I was able to pick it up days before I would have had to otherwise. I received a AAA discount and Phil even volunteered some great tips on finding a new mechanic when I arrive in California. The waiting area is very welcoming with vintage toys, etc. to view. That was pretty cool. If I weren't moving I'd stick with this mechanic shop.


I made an appointment and got there a few minutes early. As I was walking to the front desk I made eye contact with an employee who didn't seem to be helping anyone but he didn't say a word to me so I figured they were busy. So I sit down, waited for them to slow down. When I saw the front desk cleared from the previous customer, I got up and made my way. Two employees stared at me with a blank face and complete silence, so I look at both of them and ask, "Anyone?" One of them proceed to help me but it was a strange way to greet me. Maybe it was the way I was dressed. I was off from work that day and was wearing a fitted hoodie and hat. I then get helped by Nicole a few seconds after the first guy. I explained to her that I was rear ended and wanted a 2nd quote to see if there was internal damage inside the bumper. The 1st insurance adjuster gave me a quote of $595 and didn't look under neath my car or inside the bumper, so because of this their insurance deemed it "low impact" and they wanted to offer me a settlement of $200 each for me, my wife and daughter. Because we were unsure of the settlement offer, we talked to an attorney and he said to get a 2nd opinion as well. We're still seeing a chiropractor and I am still in pain. I explain just about all of this to her. No sympathy, or even a simple greeting. She said they couldn't just remove the bumper to see if there was more damage then adjust the initial quote to make it higher, even though I was willing to pay for the labor. They would have to fix it if they were going to remove it. I was very calmly confused why they couldn't do that, so she clarifies what I'm asking then ends it with, "so you can get more money." I began to accept they couldn't do it, but to say that was offensive, I wasn't sure how to handle it so I brush it off. She offers to give me a free quote on the spot so I consult with my attorney and he says just to do it. She agrees with the first quote and then we talk some more, then GET THIS.... she explains that they can't make the quote higher without fixing it on the spot "just so you can get more money." AGAIN, like I'm some bum just trying to get more money from an insurance company. I was furious but I didn't blow up at her at all like I wish I did, but it was clear to me she made the some bad assumptions. Had she known that my wife was 22 weeks pregnant during the accident and we had to go to the ER that night, and almost had a miscarriage the next few days over contractions and fluid leaks (which she is still getting), and that for a few days I couldn't drive to work because of my neck pain, missing out on 4 days pay, which is a big deal considering we're a one income (80k) household, and have to constantly tell my daughter that I can't play with her because my neck hurts, followed by 18 appointments and counting (who knows how much we've spent on gas) then all I'm being offered is $200.... then maybe she would've been more sympathetic. Terrible offensive judgement on her side. Because of the poor customer service from the beginning, then the offensive statements and assumptions of Nicole, I would never recommend this place.

I'm sorry if we didn't give you the service you expected. It's obvious this is a frustrating situation that your dealing with and we could have been more empathetic. I will share your experience with my staff and will use your review to better our customer service for our future customers that may share your frustration when having to deal with such a situation. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

- Evergreen AutoWorks

These guys just tried to RIP OFF my buddy on a starter replacement for a 2003 Honda Accord. Tried to charge $700 for part plus labor! We called Dino's in Woodenville, $350 for the same repair. Stay away from these thieves! F-


I cannot say enough great things about the staff at Evergreen Auto. It would be an understatement to say we received nothing short of EXCELLENT customer service. They truly go the extra mile to give you the best pricing (in advance) and service for your car and I believe they really have your best interest in mind. With every visit they are always so helpful in letting us know what the immediate needs are and what repairs we can expect and prepare for down the road. they are by far the BEST!! Would not take our cars any where else.


Had my cars in for service numerous times. Always a fair honest experience. Super friendly staff. Have been satisfied with my repairs each time.


I was relieved and excited that I was able to get an appointment the same day I had an unfortunate encounter with a beam in my garage. Mike is amazing and went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of. The lobby is comfortable and has free drinks and snacks. Parking looks like it can get a little difficult when it's busy but I haven't had a problem finding a spot. The Yelp deals are great- dont forget to check in! I will definitely be back if I ever need work again in the future (hopefully not, haha).


I needed some auto body repair work because of a low speed collision with a distracted driver on I-405. The staff at Evergreen Auto Works were friendly and knowledgeable. They keep me informed on the repair process. They advocated on my behalf with the Insurance Company. Frankly they worked their back sides off to complete the job as quickly as possible and under the estimate. Everything from the initial estimate to delivery was spot on. I worked directly with the owner, something you don't see often these days. There are many places that do bodywork, none that will top Evergreen Auto Works. I have no regrets choosing Evergreen Auto Works and will use them again if ever needed. A side note that has nothing to do with the repair, the lobby is full of memorabilia, much it donated by customers. This mini museum is very cool.


Extremely friendly staff. I was greeted at the counter immediately. Mike repaired the damage on my Lincoln quickly, professionally and personally thanked me for coming in.