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Customer Testimonials

We ask every customer to fill out a customer satisfaction survey card. We routinely receive over 100 cards a month. Here is a sample of those cards and what people have to say about our business. Clicking on the image will enlarge the image.

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I needed some auto body repair work because of a low speed collision with a distracted driver on I-405. The staff at Evergreen Auto Works were friendly and knowledgeable. They keep me informed on the repair process. They advocated on my behalf with the Insurance Company. Frankly they worked their back sides off to complete the job as quickly as possible and under the estimate. Everything from the initial estimate to delivery was spot on. I worked directly with the owner, something you don't see often these days. There are many places that do bodywork, none that will top Evergreen Auto Works. I have no regrets choosing Evergreen Auto Works and will use them again if ever needed. A side note that has nothing to do with the repair, the lobby is full of memorabilia, much it donated by customers. This mini museum is very cool.


Extremely friendly staff. I was greeted at the counter immediately. Mike repaired the damage on my Lincoln quickly, professionally and personally thanked me for coming in.


My wife feels at ease with these guys and they treat her with respect and honesty. They have a historical military theme which I enjoyed so much I added to their collection. We have been repeat customers for over 7 years and don't go anywhere else but here for our car issues, this is the best place to go for the best service and friendly atmosphere. They always let us know what the total cost of the job will be up front and they go the extra mile. I received several rides to work from them as they worked on my truck.

We appreciate the kind words. I remember how we had to earn your wife's trust when she first started to come here. When she would bring Earl and the kids, they would wait in the office together. I do miss Earl. Thankfully he left us his picture for our collection so we'll never forget him.

- Evergreen AutoWorks

Someone hit and broke my mirror while my car was parked in a parking deck and didn't leave a note. So, I ended up here in hopes of getting it fixed. Staff is very accommodating and offers free refreshments. Everyone was nice and professional. I turned out not taking my car here because I can't afford nearly $270 to fix a side mirror. The online cost estimates I found were over $100 cheaper than that. I like the staff, but I do think this place is on the pricey end of car repair shops.


First time at Evergreen Autoworks was for fender bender repair. Julie was professional, patient and outstanding at customer service. Based on the experience we had with her, we decided to try the shop out for car repairs when the time came. The shops estimate was not only competitive, but after having the work completed they actually came in UNDER the written estimate! Wow, plus the service was once again outstanding. Have had more work done since then and they continue to amaze with on time completion of work and follow up customer service that can't be beat...We would not hesitate to recommend this shop for car accident repairs, major car mechanical repairs as well as regular maintenance for your families cars.


My family has been taking our cars here for years...but not anymore. My sister already stopped using them because they were doing shady things with her car. I wish I knew this before I took my car there to fix my alternator is September. First they quoted me even morn than the Ford dealership! Then when I told the guy what there quote was...he said he could do it at that price. They said that I had to get a new battery to guarantee my alternator. Even though my battery was working- I said fine and they replaced that and one other thing. I ended up spending about $900 total to fix this and 6 months later it's not working again! So I'm stuck paying for this same damn thing. Oh and guess who is not open today for me to ask about this? And my car is nowhere near their thanks for taking my money and not fixing the issue.


My car broke down in the middle of the highway, and I was referred to Evergreen through Goodyear. Paul was just super helpful - professional, friendly, and gave me clear options so I could make the right decision. He even let me leave the car in the lot for a few days while I arranged a pickup. The only bright spot in the whole experience was finding them. Definitely on my go-to list for future auto maintenance needs.


I have had sort of a hit-and-miss relationship with Evergreen over the past 17 years, but through staff changes and over time, they are winning my praise and gratitude. Not only did they squeeze me in very late on July 2nd (I had to be towed there after they closed, and they weren't sure they'd get to my car until after the holiday weekend), they called me back the next morning with a diagnosis and a repair and were able to get my car back to me before the 3-day weekend. Which is phenomenal in my book since I only have one car and 3 people in my household to buzz around! Did I mention I didn't have to rent a car while mine was there? Okay, that was due to very generous friends, but my car was there less than 24 hours, so I'm glad I didn't go through the hassle of renting for such a short time! Today, though, was less of an emergency, yet another delightful outcome. My (very old) car had a burned out running lamp. I know nothing about cars other than how to drive them, put gas in them, and use the cup holders, so I stopped in at Evergreen to see what they would charge me to replace the bulb. Phil took over, grabbed my keys, and (no kidding) in less than 10 minutes was back with my car and its new bulb. I didn't even have time to get myself some popcorn! I asked him what I owed him for such great service and he said just a good referral. OMG, really? I can totally do that! So, as promised, here is a great referral for Phil and all his peeps at Evergreen Autoworks. A few years ago I didn't think I could give them such a beaming review, but they have truly stepped up their level of service and care and I am impressed.


Auto shops aren't generally places you want to hang out at, but Evergreen serves free popcorn and lattes, so I don't mind making a stop every now and again when my car is in need of some attention! Gluttony aside, this auto shop has made quite the impression. My first stop here was awhile back for a quick tire pressure check since I knew one tire was low, thanks to my trusty annoying red exclamation point light. Phil was on it right away - and with the kindest of personalities, too! Air was put in, and off I went with only the promise to come back when service was needed for my car. This week, I finally needed to have my BMW serviced for an oil change. Fortunately for me, Phil was there to take my car in once again for a same-day appointment. One hour later, I was on my way out of their shop with a revitalized car! What is remarkable about this shop is their integrity. They are NOT the cheapest, but I'd rather pay an extra 10 - 20 bucks to have work done by trustworthy folks who aren't looking to rip you off or find bogus flaws in the car to reap more money out of their customers.


Recently went here for an estimate regarding a fender bender... Very professional service and most helpful all at no charge. Wish I was having them do the repair work but not staying in town long enough time for that. Great museum in the waiting lounge!